Each card wallet is hand stitched in Asheville, NC.

In the studio with photographer Steve Naylor

Photos by Steve Naylor

March 2016

Shot on medium format Kodak Portra 800 film

First pass finishing edges on a pocket piece of the card wallet.

Pricking irons for stitching holes.

Punching stitching holes before sewing.

A saddle horse holds the work while sewing.

Balsam Mountain Leather Goods are made with top-grain leather that will wear well through everyday use.  Our small goods are hand-stitched with saddle stitching for durability.  We offer lifetime repairs for normal wear and tear.

Photography by Steve Naylor.  Photos of Ian Cochrane, owner and leather craftsman of Balsam Mountain Leather hand stitching card wallets in his studio in Asheville, NC.